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You wake up with a start to find your four year old standing near your bed. He is having trouble breathing—enough trouble that he doesn’t have the strength to cry, but you see the panic in his face as his eyes widen, terrified. You find your chest hurting as you struggle along with each of his labored breaths. You hesitate for only a second before dialing for an ambulance. By now your son has crumpled to the floor, staring trustingly at you, not releasing his grip on your nightgown. The paramedics arrive and soon the sirens wail and you’re on your way. Trying to keep your voice calm, you call out to the driver, asking how long till you get to the hospital. He says 38 minutes if there’s no traffic. And then you hit traffic. Now what?

• Ashdod is the fifth largest city in all of Israel.
• Ashdod has a population of close to 250,000 residents.
• Ashdod is home to the largest immigrant population in Israel.
• Ashdod boasts the fastest and steadiest natural growth of any city in Israel.

And Ashdod has no hospital… no emergency facility whatsoever.

There are two hospitals located between 30 to 45 minutes from Ashdod, under ideal travel conditions. But for someone sick or injured, those thirty minutes are critical. This critical time, known as the “golden hour” is actually a lot less than an hour or even a half hour, and as time passes, the chance of survival for a victim of an illness or trauma diminishes drastically. The patient must reach an emergency facility and receive care within as short a period of time as possible.

We are talking about saving lives.

The Ashdod Emergency Medical Center was established to save lives. This organization of help and healing will answer Ashdod’s needs and provide the solution which can save lives.

The Ashdod Emergency Medical Center, from the first foundation laid, from the first doctor hired, has paid attention to superior service and quality of care. The level of medicine, in all its departments, will be above the fixed standards, mandatory in Israel. The medical equipment is of the most advanced available, from the finest companies in the world. And the staff… every patient who walks through the doors of this modern, medical facility of excellence, will get personalized, individualized care.

Get to know us. Take a few minutes to browse through our site and allow us to impress you with our seriousness of purpose, our focus, our handpicked team of trustees and staff. Feel free to observe our progress as we put the finishing touches on our building and ready ourselves to open our doors.

Share our dream and help make it happen. Saving lives in Israel's fifth largest city. Be a part of it.